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There have been a number of people getting upset about Duke’s Grayson Allen tripping a third player in the span of a year. Against Elon, Allen tripped an opponent in frustration and was given a technical in the game and was benched by Coach K.

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Analysts like Dick Vitale and Jayson Williams have spoken out on Allen and have been disappointed to say the least. However, during a scheduled interview on The Dan Patrick Show Coach K got a little testy with Patrick in defending Allen’s action.

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Patrick asked Kryzyewski how Allen explains tripping guys, which is not an accidental act and one that has happened way too often. Here was the response:

“Well, how do you explain any mistake you make?” Krzyzewski responded.

“But it is three times though,” Patrick countered.

“But tell me that you haven’t made a mistake more than three times?” Krzyzewski said. “I mean, come on Dan. You’ve been doing this a long time. These are human things. Human beings do human things.”

“But I’m just understanding, it’s three times,” Patrick continued. “We all make mistakes…”

“Well, you’re being naive about this then, about anything,” Krzyzewski offered back. “You mean somebody doesn’t make mistakes more than three times? That doesn’t mean it’s right. He was wrong each time. But how does anything happen Dan? How does anything happen?

While neither person in the interview got particularly nasty, there wasn’t exactly a friendly feeling during that interview.

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