John Davis is enjoying a very solid senior season as a key cog for the Towson Tigers. The senior forward is averaging 11.8 points and 7.6 rebounds per game during his final campaign and, in general, it has been a positive season for the program.

However, none of that mattered a great deal on Saturday evening, as Davis was the victim of a drive-by shooting that caused a gunshot wound in his leg. Towson head coach Pat Skerry had this to say in a statement released by the university:

“John stayed back in Philadelphia Saturday night for the dedication of the birth of his son, Bryson Hunter Davis Harris. He was outside of his family home when a car drove by and opened fire. We are extremely thankful that John, and everybody else involved, was not seriously harmed. Our main focus is the health of John Davis.”

Jeff Goodman of ESPN brings further word from Sperry, who indicates that long-term health isn’t an issue for Davis:

“His long-term health is fine. We don’t know when he’ll be back, but our biggest concern right now is with his well-being and the fact that he’s safe and he’s OK.”

Sperry reportedly went on to say that Davis is “as tough as any player (he has) ever been around” and it is definitely a good thing that the shooting was not more serious.

This is the type of scary situation that can occur at various locations in the country everyday but, this time, it involved a member of the Towson basketball team and touched the sports world.

College basketball player reportedly the victim in drive-by shooting Jamie Squire/Getty Images
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