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Former UTEP basketball player Chris Craig was arrested on Monday for allegedly threatening to blow up an elementary school in Utah. The 35-year old Craig sent an email to the El Paso Times before the incident began. The email contained a threat to take explosives to Eagle Valley Elementary School in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office says the arrest came after nearly three hours of negotiation and there were no casualties with all students and staff accounted. He was booked on charges of threat of terrorism and misdemeanor charges of interference with an arresting officer, failure to disclose identity, disruption of operation of a school and disorderly conduct with the terrorism charge registering as a second-degree felony.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Craig called the Utah Valley Dispatch on Monday afternoon telling them he had explosives in his truck and to evacuate the school and the children inside. His truck was searched and no such explosive or weapons were found. Craig has a history of mental illness.

Craig was a guard on the Miners from 2002 to 2004 and coached at several places, including UTEP and the University of Northern Colorado.

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