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Jim Boeheim upset the college basketball gods when he dissed the entire city of Greensboro where the Atlantic Coast Conference offices are located. After playing and losing in the relocated tournament in Brooklyn he said that the usual host is just not a good place to play.

“There’s no reason to play in Greensboro,” Boeheim said Wednesday. “The only reason they play there is because the league offices are there, it’s always been there, and there are like 150 people who like to have meetings. It should not be there.”

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The city of Greensboro ended up getting the last laugh though with this fire tweet:

Boeheim and the Orange lost to Miami in the first round of the ACC Tournament 62-57. That loss is likely the reason they were relegated to the NIT rather than the more prestigious NCAA Tournament. And what’s even better is who Syracuse got matched up with in the first round of the NIT.

Well done, NIT, well done. The UNCG folks are probably going to have some fun with signs in that game if they can get up to Syracuse who will be hosting the game.

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