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With March Madness around the corner Nike decided to put out some new uniforms for eight teams. Six were for Oregon, Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Syracuse, and Duke’s men’s team while Baylor and UConn women’s squads got the other two.

You can check out all the full sets from warmups to shoes to jerseys right below.

These uniform sets will actually debut this weekend. When designing the uniforms Nike drew its inspiration from the cuts that a player might make on the floor.

Each school’s home uniform will feature a white base with school-specific color lettering and a 26-degree speed graphic of an iconic symbol of each school across the side of the game short. The 26-degree angle of each school’s graphic was inspired by the chevron on the classic Nike Windrunner track jacket that debuted in 1978. Each graphic represents a distinctive basketball point of view, based on the roughly 1,000 directional changes, or “cuts” that a player might make in the course of a game.

Any way you see it, these are some nice uniforms and could be even better recruiting tools.

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