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It’s long been discussed how much Duke guard Grayson Allen looks like Senator Ted Cruz and it’s been made into plenty of memes. And it looks like the senator is picking up on the joke too as Deadspin reference an article from Politico about how Cruz is trying to repair relationships with Republican senators by organizing some basketball games.

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This prompted Deadspin to pretty much call out Cruz and ask for people to send proof that he actually plays basketball. Well, he got in on the joke and it definitely got a good laugh out of me.

Deadspin didn’t take too kindly to Cruz — or at least the person running his Twitter — trying to be funny and light. They decided to go next level in their anger and Cruz responded with a solid GIF:

Where’s the love? I know people may not like him for his politics or other things he’s done, but you have to admit when you see a good tweet out there. Well done, Ted Cruz or whoever is running his account.

[h/t The Comeback]

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