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Mark Dantonio owns Michigan… at least for now. Under Dantonio’s leadership, the Michigan Spartans own a 7-2 record over their in-state rivals from Ann Arbor, and that even includes a slip-up during Dantonio’s first season on the job.

However, fans of the Spartans appear to be worried (with good reason) about the Jim Harbaugh era at Michigan, as the Wolverines and Ohio State Buckeyes are clearly recruiting at a higher level than the Spartans. That topic of discussion was apparently enough to generate some emotions from a caller named “Tom” as part of the “Staudt on Sports” show on 730 WVFN in Lansing, as he broke down in tears while sharing this message for the MSU faithful:

“I just want to say, you know, these Spartan fans that think they can sell their tickets to Michigan, shame on em’ that’s all.”

To be fair to “Tom”, there is nothing bigger for MSU than the Michigan rivalry, whereas fans of the Wolverines usually prioritize the Ohio State match-up above all else. At the same time, this seems like an odd hill to die on, especially given the recent success of the team wearing green between the white lines.

College football is the best at producing emotional attachment, though, and this is another example.

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