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Urban Meyer says the rule that got him flagged Saturday against Wisconsin needs to be done away with.

The Ohio State head coach was penalized for sideline interference after getting smacked in the head by an official’s arm during the Buckeyes’ 30-23 overtime win. The penalty ended up costing Ohio State 15 yards and turning a second-and-12 into a second-and-27.

“It was my fault, but it should not have been a penalty,” Meyer said during his Monday press conference. “Some will say, ‘That’s just the rule.’ Well, get rid of the damn rule.'”

The referees reportedly warned Meyer earlier in the game that he was getting too close to the field, but then late in the first quarter, he got a little too close to one of them and drew a flag when he hit Meyer’s face while trying to make a call. Meyer said the penalty was harsh and should not have been called in such a game.

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“That broke my hearty,” he said. “A 15-yard penalty for that. In a big game.”

Meyer added that he texted Bill Carollo, the Big Ten’s top official, after the game to vent his frustration about the call and told him that the rule’s just not a good one.

The Buckeyes, meanwhile, escaped with a tough road win that for a while seemed destined to turn into the team’s first loss of the season.