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253 players were selected in this year’s NFL Draft, and as of now, over 400 undrafted free agents have signed with teams.

There are few surprises among the schools that produced the most of those players: Michigan, Alabama, LSU, Miami, USC, Florida… they are the usual names that you would expect at the top. However, the team at No. 2 might surprise a lot of people: Utah, with 15 total players signed by the NFL since the Draft.

Utah has been a solid program over the past decade-plus under head coach Kyle Whittingham, and the Utes have done their fair share to put quality talent in the pros. Currently being the second-most among all college teams for this year is something that Utah should be touting, as “putting guys in the NFL” is one of the best recruiting tools a school can use to continue getting talented players.

[H/T Reddit]

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