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It appears a critical replay angle that would have taken away a North Carolina touchdown against Miami was not provided to ACC officials when they originally reviewed the play.

“The feed that proved that that should not have been a touchdown wasn’t given to the league office,” Miami coach Mark Richt said to the Associated Press on Tuesday. An ACC spokesperson confirmed this to be true.

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That angle? It was one from ESPN that was not shown until after the replay was over. However, it clearly showed that North Carolina wide receiver Austin Proehl bobbled the touchdown pass as he went out of bounds.

The touchdown stood as called on the field, allowing North Carolina to take a 10-0 lead. The Tar Heels went on to win 20-13.

The ACC switched to a collaborative replay center this season following last season’s debacle of a call on the final play between Duke and Miami. However, this shows that there is one problem that still remains in the replay booth: if they simply don’t have the right angle for the play, the officials still might miss a critical call that changes a game.

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It’s hard to say that this call affected the game as much as the Duke one did last year, but this could prove to be huge for the race in the ACC Coastal. Miami has now lost two-straight in-conference games, essentially opening the door for North Carolina, Virginia Tech, and Pittsburgh to make a run at the ACC Championship Game.

Of course, one of those teams may be eliminated on Thursday, as Miami plays Virginia Tech on ESPN.

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