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Colin Cowherd is the master of hot takes and especially bad ones at that. This is a man who thinks that USC is the second-best team in the country behind Alabama and somehow thinks two Big Ten teams still deserve to be in the Playoff.

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With a win over Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship Game this weekend, Clemson will undoubtedly find itself in the College Football Playoff foursome, but Cowherd is convinced that the Tigers are “frauds.”

“Clemson’s a fraud. Clemson is going to get their ears boxed by whoever they play. They should have three losses, maybe four. I don’t buy into Clemson. They’re the New York Giants of college football. I don’t care what their record is. I don’t buy into them. And I had Clemson in the final four, so I should be rooting for them. I got no dog in the fight here. I think USC is the second-best team in the country and Vegas agrees.”

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You may think they should have three or four losses, but they don’t and you don’t pick the Playoff based off what you thought should have happened. Cowherd clearly doesn’t understand that and decides to make up the rules like this “Who’s Line is it Anyway?”

Anyways, here’s the video:

Clemson proved it wasn’t a fraud last year by manhandling Oklahoma in the semifinal and then almost upsetting Alabama in the Championship Game. They’ll have the chance to do that again this year with a win next weekend.

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