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The Clemson Tigers have been making some pretty incredible upgrades to the football experience at the school over the past few years. They’ve added an unbelievable indoor practice facility, have upgraded the WestZone with an enclosed area and have built a football operations facility.

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Coach Dabo Swinney proposed an even bigger project for the school during a Prowl and Growl event in Greenville this week. TigerNet asked what was next for Swinney in regards to stadium renovations and his answer was certainly an interesting one, specifically talking about the EastZone.

“I think we’ve got the potential for growth there. I think they’ve done a nice job. We just revamped all of the suites and the boxes and we created that whole SouthZone. That’s been great. There have been a lot of things to enhance the fan experience and the box opportunities. The WestZone has been phenomenal. I think some type of EastZone at some point is probably going to come at some point. When down the road, I don’t know. I think you have to always be thinking toward those things. There are certainly opportunities to grow within our stadium.”

Those other two projects Swinney mentioned were previously open parts of Memorial Stadium, but were then closed off by a roof and were expanded to fit more people. If this EastZone project were to take place it’s likely something similar would be done and while it would probably make the stadium louder, at what point do you sacrifice the tradition of a more open stadium for crowd noise?

[h/t Tiger Net]

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