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Deshaun Watson is considered one of the top quarterbacks in this NFL Draft class and has been projected to go in the first round and even the top-15. However, scouts and other NFL personnel have had issues with his inconsistency this year with the deep and intermediate throws.

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One way he could alleviate some doubts would have been to play at the Senior Bowl last week, but he decided against that as it was just another chance for him to get injured. It’s pretty common practice for QBs to not throw at the combine either as they might have a bad day and it could drop them some spots in the Draft.

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However, Watson told NFL Network on Thursday that he will throw at the NFL Scouting Combine next month. Should he perform up to National Championship levels then it can bolster his stock, but should he have a few bad throws before his pro day then that could set him back to the second round.


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