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Paul Finebaum isn’t letting his blistering attack on the Clemson fan base die off anytime soon.

After torching a fan on Friday’s show, Finebaum landed one final haymaker late Sunday night:

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On Friday’s show, a caller was comparing Clemson coach Dabo Swinney to Nick Saban and Finebaum was not having it. Here’s what he said, as transcribed by Tiger Net:

“How can you put Dabo in the same sentence as Nick Saban,” Finebaum asked a Clemson caller. “Who died and made Dabo Swinney the greatest coach of all-time? He’s got one national championship, ok? I don’t understand this. Since when did Clemson become the it school in the universe? I’ve never heard a more intoxicated fan base in my life.”

“Quit talking like you own college football,” Finebaum said.

Here is the audio from his show and what his quote actually sounded like on-air:

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