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Clemson football beat South Carolina 56-7 for the third straight win in the series for the Tiger. However, it seems the win won’t come without its controversy.

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A few South Carolina players are claiming that Clemson players were spewing some serious hatred before and during the game. Linebacker Bryson Allen-Williams accused the Tigers of showing them “disrespect” during the game.

“They called us N-words, some of the offensive linemen,” Allen-Williams told reporters after the game. “They did a lot of nasty stuff. They called one of our defensive linemen—they used the N-word. One of their offensive linemen. I don’t know which number,” added Allen-Williams.

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There was a bit of a dust up before the game as the two teams went at each other and there was some disrespect from Swinney towards Muschamp before the game as he ignored Coach Boom’s attempt at a pre-game hand shake.

Receiver Terry Googer and defensive lineman Dante Sawyer also said they were victims of racial abuse.


Yikes. There might not be a way to find out if any of this is true, but it certainly won’t make this rivalry any more civil.


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