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See, Steve Spurrier does care about Clemson!

A video was released of Friday of an old voicemail that then-South Carolina Steve Spurrier sent to rival Dabo Swinney after the opening weekend in 2014. The voicemail came after both teams had lost their season openers, and Spurrier simply wanted to share his blunt condolences.

“We just got our ass kicked the whole game,” Spurrier said in the voicemail. “Y’all just got yours kicked one quarter it looked like.”

Swinney was clearly amused by the Head Ball Coach’s peace offering.

South Carolina had just been trounced by Texas A&M, while Clemson collapsed in the fourth quarter of a game against Georgia. Looks like Spurrier had the sense of humor to just call up the Clemson head coach and flat out admit that both teams didn’t do well.

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