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Miami coach Mark Richt doesn’t tweet a lot, but it looks like he was upset enough about this to make a comment on Twitter.

The Florida State site Tomahawk Nation wrote an article about a Mark Richt comment from a recent practice, where Richt called running back Dalvin Cook “like a lot of backs” in a way of praising the Florida State star.

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Apparently Tomahawk Nation didn’t see it that way, as they assumed Richt was saying that Cook was a dime a dozen at running back. Because of that, the article didn’t look very fondly upon Richt’s comments.

Well, Richt apparently saw that and he wasn’t a fan, so he took to Twitter to clarify.

Richt has a long tenure as a head coach, and he definitely saw — and coached — a lot of great backs in his time at Georgia. To him, Cook can still be great while still be “like a lot of backs” that Richt has seen before.

Miami and Florida State are set to play this Saturday.