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Here’s to hoping that Mack Brown misspoke.

In the second quarter against Louisville, Duke had a long drive stall at Louisville’s 22-yard line. On 4th-and-2, Duke tried to draw Louisville offsides to get the free first down.

What happened there isn’t important. What is important is what Mack Brown, serving as color commentator, suggested Duke do.

“It looks like he’s going to try and draw him off, and punt.”

Did… did Mack Brown just suggest that Duke should quick-kick from the 22-yard line? Brown’s partner in the booth, Adam Amin, didn’t help matters by again suggesting that Duke could punt after they took a timeout.

As you can imagine, the Twitter reaction was hilarious.

So to be kind of fair, Duke’s kicker was 3-for-6 on the year before this, and he wound up missing the field goal attempt in the rain. Still, it’s 4th-and-2 from the opposing 22… you don’t punt! Either go for it or attempt the field goal; those are you only options.

But could you imagine if Duke tried quick-kicking and got a touchback? A net punt of two yards! That would have been great, but thankfully for Duke, head coach David Cutcliffe is smarter than that.

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