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There might be few things college football fan bases love more than having some bragging rights. The folks at USA Today may have provided fans with some new ammo for rival schools with the release of its fan index for the 2015 college football season. The rankings, according to USA Today is a “cumulative data-based ranking of America’s most active and engaged fan bases, as determined by social media and online polling.” Below is the Top 10 of the fan index — you may not be surprised who came in at No. 1. As you can see, social mentions were one of the big factors in determining where teams fell in the index.  

1) Ohio State Buckeyes: 919,462 social mentions

2) LSU: 1,167,257 social mentions

3) Michigan: 645,773 social mentions

4) Clemson: 507,755 social mentions

5) Alabama: 889,849 social mentions

6) Notre Dame: 422,942 social mentions

7) Michigan State: 479,188 social mentions

8) USC: 543,854 social mentions

9) Florida: 938,522 social mentions

10) Oklahoma: 517,826 social mentions

Virginia Tech, Georgia, Oregon, Florida State and Nebraska rounded out the rest of the Top 15 fan bases. The poll was completed at the end of Championship Saturday weekend — so it didn’t take into account bowl season or the College Football Playoff. The full index with all 128 teams in the FBS can be found here.