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On Monday, tragedy struck the campus at Ohio State University, with 11 people injured as a result of a bizarre attack involving a car and the stabbing of multiple people. Fortunately, the damage was not greater and that is a blessing, but in the aftermath of the incident, an Ohio State presser took solace in something that many students, faculty and fans would probably gravitate to.

Ohio State beat Michigan.

William Clark used the recent victory in “The Game” to back up his claim that Ohio State is a great university, and this speaks to the overwhelming importance placed on football for the Buckeyes. Of course, this comment could have been with tongue in cheek, but it is hard to overstate what a victory over a hated rival means in a vacuum, much less when it takes place just hours before a tragedy to this degree.

On the Michigan side, various players expressed support for Ohio State on Monday in the aftermath of the incident, and it was good to see a human side of the rivalry. Still, Clark probably wasn’t the only one that used football to overcome grief and negativity on Monday, and there is nothing wrong with that in the slightest.

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