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On paper, this No. 2 ranking in the AP Poll is fine, but considering last week’s poll… it’s interesting to say the least.

After Michigan, Clemson, and Washington all lost, Ohio State has taken over at No. 2 in the latest AP Poll. Why is that weird? Well, the Buckeyes were No. 6 last week behind Louisville, and the voters had it as a close vote for that spot; Louisville only led by 10 total points.

Now, though? Ohio State holds a 100-point lead for the No. 2 spot over Louisville, which is an interesting change of events from last week. Did Ohio State’s second consecutive 62-3 win really influence voters that much?

Here’s the full poll:

1. Alabama (61)
2. Ohio State
3. Louisville
4. Michigan
5. Clemson
6. Wisconsin
7. Washington
8. Oklahoma
9. Penn State
10. West Virginia
11. Utah
12. Colorado
13. Oklahoma State
14. Western Michigan
15. USC
16. LSU
17. FSU
18. Auburn
19. Nebraska
20. Washington State
21. Florida
22. Boise State
23. Texas A&M
24. San Diego State
25. Troy

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