There has been a lot of talk about the NCAA instituting a “pay for play” system to pay college athletes more than just the scholarships received. In an effort to figure out what the market value of these players would be, Business Insider crunched the numbers and the results were astounding.

Using the NFL’s latest revenue split as agreed upon in the last collective bargaining agreement, NCAA football players would receive a 47% of revenues brought in by the football program. Business Insider divided that split evenly among the 85 scholarship athletes — obviously player values differ by impact to the program, but for this exercise they were split evenly — and came up with the average values of football players at the ten schools with the highest revenues.

We looked at the football revenue numbers for the top 9 schools in the SEC from 2013 — Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, Florida, LSU, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas A&M, and South Carolina — the average player from those schools would make $367,398 per season under that 47% revenue split.

The splits for the top programs in the nation are even higher, per Business Insider:

1. Texas – $604,921

2. Alabama – $490,240

3. Michigan – $450,510

4. Notre Dame – $433,225

5. Georgia – $429,051

6. Auburn – $415,218

7. Florida – $413,712

8. LSU – $410,702

9. Oklahoma – $385,112

10. Ohio State – $338,022

Currently, Texas invests an average of $44,700 per football player, which is a long way from the near $605,000 that player would be worth under an NFL-like revenue split.

The average SEC football player is worth nearly $368,000

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