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Oklahoma is not having the offseason fans were hoping for after star quarterback and Heisman finalist Baker Mayfield was arrested and coach Bob Stoops suddenly retired. The former is a little more concerning as of now considering the incredibly, and frankly embarrassing, punishment the program handed down to Mayfield. He will only be required to participate in 35 hours of community and an alcohol education class despite his arrest back in February.

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That was before he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct and fleeing. Mayfield reached a plea bargain last week resulting in a total of $480 in fines for the three charges, according to the Fayetteville (Ark.) District Court. He also owes $483.20 in restitution while he was lucky that prosecutors dropped a resisting arrest charge against him.

Now that team punishment, which includes absolutely no suspension at all from team activities or otherwise, is looking even more pathetic. They have a quarterback who has pleaded guilty to those kinds of charges and he isn’t missing any games or even a half of football. The Sooners play UTEP to open the season and they wouldn’t have taken as much flak if they had just suspended him for that game before the big one at Ohio State in Week 2 of the season. It makes absolutely no sense why a stiffer punishment wasn’t handed down, even if he is a potential Heisman winner by season’s end.

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