Baylor has had enough issues without the help of its associate athletic director, but Heath Nielsen has not made the transition from the sexual assault scandal as smooth as it could have been. Nielsen is now involved with a case of assault after what he did to a reporter named James Mcbride after Baylor’s 62-22 loss to TCU earlier this month.

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The reporter has pictures of the aftermath and the scratches on his neck from where Nielsen grabbed him:

Here’s what the reporter said about the incident and described how he got those marks after that TCU loss earlier this month:

“I had asked the player if I could take a photo with him, he said ‘yes.’ I was leaning back to take the photo. I heard somebody who I didn’t know at this point in time yell from my right-hand side, saying ‘no interviews on the field.’

“About that time they came in and tomahawk-chopped, trying to knock the phone that I had taken the picture with out of my hand,” he continued. “They were unsuccessful in trying to do that, and when they couldn’t do that they came up and they grabbed my throat, and I pulled back. Whenever I looked up I saw that it was Heath Nielsen.”

Nielsen has been charged with assault and was arrested on Nov. 8 as well as put on an indefinite leave of absence.

[h/t Saturday Down South]

Baylor associate AD arrested, charged following unspeakable actions against reporter Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images
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