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FOX Sports analyst Clay Travis is a known ESPN hater, but he actually makes a good point in his latest rant against the network. The last couple of days have been filled with news about Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon and the video of him punching a woman as well as Grayson Allen’s tripping of an Elon player.

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While one of those offenses has spurred a suspension, the other has brought one player back to campus for a senior year. The video initially meant a year-long suspension for Mixon, but the video had not been released to the public back in 2014 while Allen tripped a player and everyone is up in arms about it, including Travis.

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He makes a good point considering one of these actions actually harmed someone severely while the other was already addressed with a punishment in-game and an indefinite suspension handed out because of public outcry. Who would have known Travis would be the voice of reason?

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