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Baker Mayfield transferred into Oklahoma from Texas Tech and is in the mix for the starting job in Norman this offseason, and if he plays quarterback as well as he dances he should lock that up — one of Oklahoma’s other quarterbacks announced he would be transferring yesterday, my guess is because he got beat so bad in a dance competition he was shamed out of Norman.

There’s no reason not to start this guy. What are the most important things for a quarterback? Leadership? Look at the way he controls that dance circle and how his teammates respond to him. Natural born leader. Footwork? Clearly not an issue. Just look at him. He looks like he’s floating. He can literally dance around in the pocket and no one will be able to tackle him because they’re going to be mesmerized. Arm strength? The dance is called THE WHIP, yeah, I think he’ll be able to whip the ball around the field.