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The presence of Kliff Kingsbury has presented the Texas Tech football program with a great deal of attention since the former quarterback returned to captain the program as its head coach. However, Kingsbury has not enjoyed a great deal of success in Lubbock, sporting a sub-.500 record during his tenure. After a 5-7 campaign in 2016, Kingsbury is searching for ways to motivate his players into greater success on the field in 2017 and, well, that produced an interesting concept.

Texas Tech’s football players aren’t allowed to wear… their own team logo. At least inside the practice facility.

After an interesting teaser video, the team’s official Twitter account provided a more in-depth explanation of the decision.

Tactics like this one don’t always succeed but this is publicity for Texas Tech on a national scale that they likely would not have received otherwise. With that in mind, this is probably a win for Kingsbury and his staff in the short term, though it has to be noted that this is the type of thing that can be thrown back in the face of a staff if things go wrong inside the white lines.

Texas Tech isn’t super relevant on a national scale right now but Kliff Kingsbury is looking outside the box for ways to help his program move forward in 2017 and beyond.

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