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This season will mark the fifth consecutive year where the SEC will face the Big 12 in a non-conference game as part of the SEC/Big 12 Challenge. There will be four teams from the SEC left out since the Big 12 only has 10 teams in the conference and here is the entire schedule featuring a former Big 12 rivalry game per ESPN’s Jeff Goodman:

Kentucky at West Virginia
Texas A&M at Kansas
Baylor at Florida
Oklahoma at Alabama
Mississippi at Texas
Oklahoma State at Arkansas

Texas Tech at South Carolina
TCU at Vanderbilt
Tennessee at Iowa State
Georgia at Kansas State

All of the games will take place on Jan 27., but the times of the games haven’t been released.┬áBoth conferences will look to actually get an overall win as they tied last year with 5-5 records. The Big 12 had won the previous three challenges though so the SEC will be looking for its first win in the competition’s young history.

The Kansas-Texas A&M game should be one of the more interesting ones as there might be hostility between the schools considering the Aggies left the conference so they wouldn’t have to play the Jayhawks any more and could focus on football.

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