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So about all those calls that Charlie Strong’s job was safe…

A week after taking over the play-calling and scheming duties on defense, Texas suffered a 45-40 loss to Oklahoma in a true Red River Shootout. Obviously giving up 45 points is bad, but that’s not even the worst part; Texas also gave up a near-record in total yards, and quarterback Baker Mayfield and running back Samaje Perine just dominated the Longhorn defense.

When asked after the game if he felt he needed this win, Strong gave a blunt response: he needs them all at this point.

I have generally been a supporter of Strong, as firing him just two-and-a-half years in would still be a quick trigger to pull on his firing. However, Strong’s calling card is supposed to be on the defensive side of the ball; he took over full duties as the defensive coordinator this week, and there was absolutely no improvement made by Texas.

Losing to Oklahoma alone shouldn’t be a reason that Strong gets fired. However, giving up nearly 700 yards while doing it might be just enough of a reason for the Texas administration to do it.

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