College GameDay is in Washington this week for the No. 4 Huskies’ important contest against No. 20 USC. It’s the biggest game of the weekend, and the game has a lot of Playoff implications in proving that Washington is for real.

With that location already known, where could GameDay be heading next for the penultimate week of the college football season? There are several options that the ESPN show could end up taking, but we have narrowed it down to the three most likely games for Week 12:

No. 11 Oklahoma at No. 16 West Virginia

Oklahoma is gaining a lot of momentum recently, and if they get by Baylor in Week 11, then there is a good chance that they become a Top 10 team. If that happens, and West Virginia wins too, than this is likely the best possible option for GameDay. The crew hasn’t been to a Big 12 game all year, and this would be a good chance to fill that requirement and to cover an important game at the same time.

No. 6 Louisville at Houston

The biggest knock on this is that it would be Louisville’s third appearance on GameDay this season, but this is also how weak the schedule is for Week 12. This will be Louisville’s best chance to prove that they are a Playoff caliber team, and Houston is still a formidable opponent despite a slide over the past month.

No. 14 Virginia Tech at Notre Dame

Yeah, this could happen.

If Virginia Tech beats Georgia Tech is upcoming week, and if Notre Dame gets a win over Army, why wouldn’t GameDay at least consider this game? The Hokies would be one of the better ranked teams at the time, and Notre Dame would be a team with a large fan base that is competing for a bowl spot. It may not be the sexiest matchup on paper, but in terms of narrative? It’s a decent enough one to consider.

These are the three current favorites for College GameDay in Week 12 Clippit/Screenshot
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