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When a match-up between two teams ranked in the Top 10 occurs, the lion’s share of attention is usually paid to that game. This week, Michigan and Wisconsin did battle in what turned out to be an ugly contest, but the Wolverines held serve at home and Jim Harbaugh’s team was able to make a statement in earning a top-five ranking.

The rest of the Big Ten, though, was turned on its head and that is the focus today. Michigan State suffered a ghastly loss to Indiana and Iowa followed suit by dropping a game to Northwestern. Outside of the big two in Ohio State and Michigan, the Spartans and Hawkeyes were supposed to make up the next tier, but neither resembles the team that pundits expected prior to kick-off in 2016.

It should be noted that Indiana and Northwestern had to actually capitalize and they should be credited as well, but I was actually more impressed with Maryland (4-0!) and Penn State this week.

At any rate, here are this week’s Big Ten power rankings and you can begin to flame the writer.

Big Ten Power Rankings: Week 5 (last week’s rank in parentheses)

  1. Ohio State (↔)
  2. Michigan (↔)
  3. Wisconsin (↔)
  4. Nebraska (↑ 1)
  5. Penn State (↑ 4)
  6. Maryland (↑ 2)
  7. Minnesota (↔)
  8. Indiana (↑ 4)
  9. Michigan State (↓ 5)
  10. Northwestern (↑ 1)
  11. Iowa (↓ 5)
  12. Illinois (↑ 2)
  13. Rutgers (↓ 3)
  14. Purdue (↓ 1)
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