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It’s one thing to play through some pain and it’s another to play through a serious injury, which is what Iowa freshman forward Cordell Pemsl did. The 6’8″, 250-pound forward apparently played through two torn groins, according to

He first noticed a discomfort in the area in a game in November against Virginia and when the team got back home, the trainers assumed it was just a strain since he was able to play through it. However, they later found out that the big man was playing with his two torn groins.

Here’s how he described it to Hawkeye Nation:

“I felt it every practice and every game. Once I started getting loose and warmed up a little bit it would go away a little but I always had that pain in the back of my mind and after the season is when I found out I had torn both of my groins. So, I guess I was playing on torn groins all season.”


“No one knew I was in pain. I never showed it or anything like that. Half the time I didn’t even remember I could feel it. Your adrenaline is going, stuff like that. But I had no idea (he had torn muscles),” he said.

He still found a way to average 8.9 points, five rebounds and 1.1 assists while playing 19.3 minutes a game. Unbelievable.

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