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Usually when people attend sporting events they are there to get away from real world problems, but there are instances when fans make the spectator experience a little too serious. That was the case when Michigan State traveled to Duke for the Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

One fan in attendance was trying to be funny and miserably failed with this sign:

That is a pretty clear reference to the water contamination crisis happening in Flint, Mich. and it is not funny in the least. The sign was brought to the attention of both teams’ officials and both schools released statements afterwards condemning the sign.

“The sign was disgusting and a slam to those who are suffering in our state,” Michigan State said in a statement, via ABC News. “We understand the actions of an individual student do not reflect the beliefs of Duke University or its Athletic Department.”

“Everyone in our program thinks the sign was reprehensible and disgusting,” Duke spokesman Cory Walton said. “That’s 100 percent not in line with the values of our program. Michigan State officials said the sign referenced a difficult situation for people throughout their state.”

The sign’s existence was also brought to the attention of security and was quickly removed from the game according to Ovies (who took the picture).

[h/t SBNation]

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