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Lane Kiffin will find any way to troll or throw shade at his former employers and it seems he might have found the perfect way to do it. He will be hosting a camp at FAU and will be bringing in Jim Harbaugh and his staff according to The Sun Sentinel. He’s also going to bring in some coaches from his former employer at Tennessee according to

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Even when Kiffin leaves the SEC he can’t get off its mind as he has proven time and again. It makes sense for those coaches as there are now limitations on satellite camps and the coaches can get exposure in an area where there are a ton of elite recruits. But it’s not all to the benefit of the coaches as it gives the recruits a chance to meet with teams they otherwise wouldn’t.

It looks like we will find out if time heals all wounds as there are plenty of Tennessee fans who blame Kiffin for the program’s mediocrity and fall from grace since his departure in 2009. If the coaches have a good time and end up landing a commit or two out of it you can bet that Kiffin might find some forgiveness.

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