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Louisville has officially been handed down a punishment for its involvement in the escorts scandal that was discovered in 2015 and took place in 2014. Coach Rick Pitino has been suspended for the first five ACC games of the season and the school has been put on probation for four years.

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The school will also be required to vacate wins from 2010 to 2014 and that could include their national title from 2013 when the Cardinals beat Michigan. However, there’s no real course of action if the title is to be vacated as Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel explains:

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Wetzel doesn’t have any insider information as to whether it will actually be vacated or not, but he is mostly just connecting the dots. The NCAA is going to wipe the program’s record from 2010 to 2014 so it would make sense that the title might also be wiped. But to not give it to the other team that made the title game is absolutely ludicrous. No one will forget the teams involved in the game and who won it no matter what the NCAA says.

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