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Ohio State kicker Tyler Durbin was an obvious scapegoat for the Buckeyes’ humiliating 31-0 loss to Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl Saturday.

The senior kicker missed both of his field goal attempts in a game where any points at all from the Buckeyes side would have at least helped to ease the pain a bit.

After the loss, an irate Ohio State fan lambasted Durbin with a tasteless email that he posted on a Twitter account he shares with other members of OSU’s special teams unit.

Durbin’s tough outing, however, was far from the sole issue. The Buckeyes floundered in virtually every phase of the game, managing just 215 total yards and nine first downs, while surrendering 470 yards and 24 first downs to Clemson. Simply put, it was a complete and utter beatdown that Durbin’s two misses had little impact on.

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Even more telling is this stat compiled by ESPN of Ohio State’s first 11 drives.

Still, a couple of Durbin’s teammates felt the need to come to his defense on Twitter.