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Bill Kurelic is considered the Dean of Ohio State Football Recruiting for his knowledge and insider information regarding the program’s recruiting. He was on the Bucknuts Morning Five podcast discussing his thoughts on this year’s class versus Alabama’s class.

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He was specifically asked about the two classes as they are 1-2 in the latest recruiting rankings on 247Sports and Alabama has four more recruits than the Buckeyes right now. Kurelic said that Ohio State’s quality of class is better than Alabama’s but the Crimson Tide quantity is obviously a strength.

“There’s no question that quality-wise Ohio State has the better class. It’s going to be the highest-rated class it looks like, quality-wise, in 247Sports history.”

The rest of the podcast went on to talk about specific recruits and even potential transfer running back Jalen Hurd from Tennessee.

You can listen to entire podcast below:

[h/t 247Sports]

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