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As a ref, you never want to slip up on the stadium’s public address system, but you definitely don’t want to do it with two minutes left in the fourth quarter of a close game.

That’s what happened to this poor ref, though, as a critical fumble call came up at the end of Saturday’s Nebraska-Indiana game. After it looked like Nebraska could have fumbled as they were driving, this ref went on the PA system to announce the ruling after replay.

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The ref’s reaction after he claimed the ruling ont he field was a fumble is priceless. He knows he messed up and knows that there is no taking things back at this point.

After correcting his call to say that the ruling on the field (no fumble) stands, the Indiana crowd lays into the poor guy. They had their hopes raised when he said the word “fumble”, but those hopes were quickly dash upon correction.

Nebraska went on to win, 27-22.

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