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If the BCS were in charge of the College Football Playoff, things could have gotten very sketchy this weekend.

Where would the chaos come from? Well, the old BCS standings have a relatively normal Top 4: Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and Washington, in that order. After that is where things would get weird, as Michigan comes in at the No. 5 team over Wisconsin, Penn State, and Oklahoma.

A look at what the BCS would have, courtesy of the Colley Rankings:


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The big piece there is that while Michigan and Wisconsin are close at Nos. 5 and 6 in the old BCS, that drop off after Wisconsin is huge and would likely prevent someone like Oklahoma or Colorado from getting in.

While the College Football Playoff rankings have the same 1-6, it is interesting to see that kind of separation in the rankings. At least in the Playoff, there are a lot of options if Clemson or Washington slips up this weekend. If the BCS were in charge? It looks like Michigan would be in in a Clemson or Washington loss scenario, with Wisconsin likely getting in if both of them were to lose.

Three Big Ten teams in the Playoff? Yikes.

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