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Why is college football so great? Because we are looking at yet another week where we have a couple of Top 10 matchups. Almost every week of college football has delivered this season, and there’s no reason to believe this one will be any different?

With that in mind, who is on upset alert for Week 7? These three teams below may not take a loss this week, but things could definitely be closer than they would like.

No. 1 Alabama

Oct. 15 at Tennessee

I’m not sure if I would bet on Tennessee to win this game, but I have a good idea about one thing: they can’t play any worse than they did at Texas A&M, right? And they almost won that game!

Tennessee committed seven (SEVEN!) turnovers against A&M, so we should see a step in the right direction in that area at the very least for Tennessee. They also get running back Jalen Hurd back in action, as Hurd missed last week’s game due to an undisclosed injury. Having Hurd back will give Tennessee more balance on offense, which should allow quarterback Josh Dobbs to a better chance at picking apart Alabama’s relatively weak secondary.

Alabama is currently a 13-point favorite in Vegas… that seems high, and I think the Vols will keep this one close.

No. 10 Nebraska
Oct. 15 at Indiana

This will be Nebraska’s toughest test of the season, and it will definitely tell us a lot about whether or not the Cornhuskers deserve that Top 10 ranking. Nebraska has moved up in the rankings in the past few weeks thanks to process of elimination more than anything, so they will have a lot to prove in this nationally televised contest.

Indiana isn’t great, but as they showed in a win vs. Michigan State and for most of the game against Ohio State, they have a good habit for sticking around thanks to a well-balanced defense. This is where Nebraska could get caught in a trap; they have good balance on offense, but neither quarterback Tommy Armstrong nor their running game are really elite. The will need one of those (most likely their running game) to play at an extremely high level on Saturday to get a win.

No. 21 Utah
Oct. 15 at Oregon State

This is more about Utah than it is about Oregon State. Sorry, Beavers.

Here’s how desperate the current running back situation is for the Utes: Joey Williams retired from the team earlier in the year due to accumulated injuries… and Utah asked him to re-join the team this week because of all the hits they have taken since then.

Oregon State, meanwhile, is coming off of a big win over Cal last week. They have a little bit of momentum, which is really more than you can say about what they’ve had in the past few years. That, combined with this being a bit of an uninspiring road game for Utah, could give us a surprise upset.

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