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Maybe this wasn’t the best year to make this proclamation.

USA Today’s Nancy Armour posted about Jim Harbaugh on Friday, mostly about his trolling of Florida State assistant Tim Brewster following the two trading comments over last week’s NFL Draft. However, what really got people’s attention was this tidbit from Armour claiming that Harbaugh “owns” college football.

If anything has become clear in the two years since Harbaugh returned to Michigan, it’s that he owns college football. Anyone foolish enough to try and test that is bound to lose.


Armour’s defense of the statement is actually a pretty fair one, stating that few coaches are having as much fun is Harbaugh is at Michigan. Whether that be on trips to Europe or simply irritating the SEC with spring camps in Florida, there is definitely a point that Harbaugh seems to be enjoying himself as the Michigan head coach.

However, those on Twitter did not take to kindly to the idea that Harbaugh “owns” college football after a two third-place finishes in the Big Ten East division.

Harbaugh definitely seems to have Michigan on the right track, and his recent recruiting class have been stellar. Michigan has a bright future in college football, but to say that Harbaugh owns it after just two good years? That’s a bit much; at least let him win a division first.

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