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Well, there’s a reason why coaches and teams are very uptight about how their players use social media.

In an interview with 247Sports, Wisconsin running backs coach John Settle shed some details on how four-star running back and former Badger commit Antonio Williams ended up at Ohio State.

“After he made some comments about one of our family members, I think it was a forgone conclusion that he was welcome to go look at other places.

“The players didn’t want him here.”

The family member in question here is former Wisconsin quarterback Joel Stave, and the comment was a since-deleted tweet from Williams during an official visit last season. In the tweet during the visit, Williams criticized the then-Wisconsin QB by saying, “We will not be elite until Stave leaves.”

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As you can imagine, that apparently didn’t go well in the Wisconsin locker room. Though Stave had his struggles at Wisconsin, the quarterback was well-liked enough in the locker room that the players reportedly soured on Williams.

Of course, this may not be the only reason that Williams left; the now-Buckeye has said himself that he just didn’t fit in with Wisconsin’s scheme, and there is certainly an argument for that. Of course, for the best players out there, teams will often try work around to get talented guys to fit in. It looks like Wisconsin didn’t want to do that for Williams.

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