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The Paul Finebaum Show took a bizarre turn Tuesday afternoon when the apparently ill host spoke slowly leading into a call, cut a caller off midsentence and departed from the show to be replaced by Peter Burns.

Awful Announcing┬átracked the story from the beginning and received an update noting Finebaum wasn’t feeling well and had to go home, but he’s “fine.”

What started the sequence though, was certainly some odd television. Finebaum led into the story of Oregon players who had to be hospitalized following a workout in a slow manner, then left producers to fill uncharacteristically dead air.

The camera cut back to Finebaum, who welcomed Jim from Tuscaloosa. Finebaum then cuts the caller off midsentence:

Burns then stepped in with no mention of what had happened prior to the commercial break:

Finally it was updated that Finebaum was fine. Our thoughts are with the long-time football analyst.

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