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It looks like you can add Brent Musburger to the list of people that are upset at there being no LSU-Florida game this weekend. And it’s quickly becoming a long list.

Musburger was on the Paul Finebaum Show on Friday, and the ESPN broadcaster expressed his dismay at LSU and Florida failing to come to an agreement to play their game this weekend because of Hurricane Matthew.

Transcription via Saturday Down South:

“I’m disappointed that it was not scheduled somewhere this weekend,” Musburger said. “Now I certainly understand why Florida did not want to go to LSU. South Carolina tried that a year ago and how did that work out? However, it seems to me that a neutral site could have been negotiated with these two teams, both of them with great resources. (They) had the ability to take the game into the Georgia Dome. I know Atlanta’s on the road, the Falcons are out in Denver this week. Mobile, Birmingham, a neutral site.”

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Musburger is certainly sharing the sentiment of many fans, who felt that the game could have easily been scheduled for a neutral field if egos had not gotten in the way.

The SEC announced that the game would be completely cancelled, and while the two schools will attempt to reschedule, it currently doesn’t look like it will happen. If it doesn’t that leaves a lot of awkward possibilities at the end of the year if either LSU or Florida end up with a 6-1 conference record.

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