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Colin Cowherd seems to love throwing things out there for the sake of just throwing them out there.

And the Fox Sports personality did it again today, suggesting that the Tennessee Volunteers go after former NFL head coach and current ESPN Monday Night Football analyst John Gruden. And pay him $10 million to be their head coach.

As far as we know, Gruden’s not even on the market, and hasn’t been for almost a decade. Things like that never stopped Cowherd from spewing completely random thoughts before, though.

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On the flipside, Gruden, a Super Bowl winner with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a head coach, would be a really good acquisition for almost any team, not to mention a college program like Tennessee.

The absurdity in Cowherd’s suggestion lies in the ludicrous amount of money he seems to think Gruden should be paid.

Ten million? Nick Saban made $6.9 last season.