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Colin Cowherd is 52 years old and he has been talking sports on the radio for a long, long time. That is really important considering this quote from his radio show on Thursday.

“I’ve always felt that Urban Meyer is the best college football coach in my lifetime.”

That is quite the praise.

Meyer’s name came up when Cowherd was ranking the best coaches from the SEC and Big Ten. Cowherd feels the Big Ten has better coaches than the SEC, and he set out to prove it by listing them off. At the end of the list, Cowherd was almost overwhelmed by Meyer’s accomplishments at Utah, Florida, and Ohio State.

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The biggest flaw in Cowherd’s argument is that he puts a lot of stock into the 2014 College Football Playoff game, where No. 4 Ohio State upset No. 1 Alabama. Sure, there are some cases where there’s nothing better than solving it on the field, but one game seems like a lot for essentially naming Meyer has the greatest coach Cowherd’s ever seen.

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