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Paul Finebaum has a now infamous relationship with Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines. In short, Finebaum does not believe that the maize and blue should be described as an elite program in the college football world and he seemingly takes every possible opportunity to double down on that position. While Colin Cowherd and Paul Finebaum are distinctly different individuals, it is starting to feel as though Cowherd’s team to pick on is the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Cowherd has a long-standing viewpoint that Iowa’s scheduling does not do the program any favors and, in a recent Facebook video (via his radio/TV show), the FS1 host shares that message loud and clear.

The crux of the argument is that Iowa is the “fake I.D.” of college football because the Hawkeyes gain access to things that they don’t deserve to be a part of at this juncture. Cowherd’s point is inherently based on Iowa’s lack of success in recent bowl games and, truthfully, that is hard to ignore. In the same breath, the Hawkeyes have often been underdogs in such games and simply lost in a fashion that they “should” have on paper.

Still, the part of the video that rings true is Iowa’s unwillingness to schedule aggressively in non-conference play. a reputation that head coach Kirk Ferentz has earned. With Ferentz seemingly there to stay, it might not change anytime soon and Cowherd will probably put the Hawkeyes on blast yet again at some point.

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