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Notre Dame fired Charlie Weis in 2009 after he compiled a 35-27 record in five years. But the school continued to pay Weis for several years following his dismissal, and recent tax returns revealed exactly how much Weis received from Notre Dame.

Weis’ total buyout from Notre Dame was $18.96 million, and he received the final installment of the buyout in 2015.

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Weis became the head coach at Kansas in 2012, but he was fired after going 6-22 in three years. Weis’ most impressive accomplishment as a college coach is how much money he made for each win.

Weis’ tenure at Notre Dame started off well as he led the Irish to 9-3 and 10-3 seasons in his first two years. Notre Dame made BCS bowls in each of those years.

But after that, the Irish went 3-9, 7-6 and 6-6, and the school made the decision to let him go.

At one point, Notre Dame was paying both Weis and former coach Ty Willingham to not coach. Weis wasn’t a good coach, but he certainly has been paid like one.

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