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New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Tomoaki Honma suffered a severe neck injury on Friday, and the early details emerging about his condition paint a bleak picture about his future.

Honma suffered the injury on a botched middle-rope DDT, where he feet reportedly got caught in the ropes, causing him to land on his head. After the move, Honma was unresponsive and he was stretchered out of the ring and immediately taken to an Okinawa hospital.

Details have been limited on Honma’s condition, but the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Honma was able to move his head and speak at the hospital, but that he did not have feeling in his arms and legs. NJPW released a statement staying that Honma had suffered an injury to his cervical neck vertabrae, which could indicate a broken neck.

Honma has officially been pulled from all of his wrestling dates going forward.

Honma, 40, is a 20-year veteran of pro wrestling in Japan. He was scheduled to challenge for the IWGP tag team titles with Togi Makabe on Monday.

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