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Mark May is not happy.

As soon as the LSU and Texas A&M game went to halftime on Thursday, ESPN cut to the halftime show where May gave an impassioned speech on the “disgrace” that has been LSU today during their coaching search. Multiple reports emerged ahead of LSU’s game with the Aggies that the school was in serious discussions with Herman to head coach, and May thought that was just unacceptable.

“You don’t have the comment courtesy, the class, and decency to wait until after Thanksgiving to get the word out about you’re hiring Tom Herman. You couldn’t wait until the end of the regular season, you couldn’t wait until this weekend, you couldn’t wait until tomorrow? This is a disservice to head coach Ed Orgeron.”

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May has a fantastic point here. While it may appear that LSU is committed to moving on from Orgeron, the fact that the reports emerged while LSU was playing on Thanksgiving is not a good look for the school. It makes sense for LSU to want to act quickly for a hot candidate like Herman, but all of this happening after the Les Miles stuff from last year? That’s just not good.

LSU did later release a statement, confirming that no coaching decision had been made yet.

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